Project Finance

Since its foundation, Besfin has been a pioneer in the field of Project Finance Consultancy and has been providing consultancy services throughout the process, from providing clients with financing to start the investment analysis.

In project finance consultancy service, our clients' investment projects are examined under various scenarios and risks that may be encountered at various stages of the investment. Risk assessment and possible risks are identified in the various stages of the investment and comprehensive studies on how these risks can be prevented is performed. The financial structure of the investment is analyzed systematically and the results of the analysis are presented to our customers in a format that can be shared with creditors and potential investors. The project is tested with various scenarios in the model while the analytical and dynamic financial models are provided to analyze the investment in depth. At the same time, the investment is measured with sensitivity issues such as macroeconomic developments, cost increases, price changes and timeouts.

Project finance consultancy service consists of three stages; Establishment of investment analysis and financing structure, preparation of creditor and investor information document (information memorandum), sharing of the information with the appropriate institutions in detail and presentation of the investment, and lastly management of the related institutions for the necessary financing of the investment.

Since 2011, Besfin has acted as an active financial consultant during the financing process of approximately 2 billion USD for more than 20 projects with more than 6 billion USD total investment amount in many sectors including real estate, energy, infrastructure and tourism with its expert staff, wide sectoral network and experience.


  • While providing an in-depth analysis of the investment with the analytical and dynamic financial models we prepared, at the same time, the financial profitability of the investment is tested primarily for investors through various scenarios within the model. (valuation) is measured.


  • Preparation of the feasibility report (Information Memorandum) for investors and creditors who will fund the investment. A well-prepared Information Memorandum is the most important stage of funding investment.


  • Our financial feasibility report or Information Memorandum is presented to a large number of domestic and foreign investors and creditor institutions, ensuring high participation in finance. We are actively involved in the phase of loan, term sheet negotiations and loan contracts. We are with you until the stage that starts with the investment decision and finances and starts generating income.

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